Wednesday, February 22, 2012

La La La Happy


  1. This was us today too. Sav got a promotion just before Christmas which meant I could quit my job if it got too annoying to stay. A week and a half after I finally had enough and quit, Sav got a new boss who has "restructured" everything and put all the blokes who were promoted back into their previous positions, so obviously this will mean he'll be getting paid less again too!!!! Doubt we'll be able to visit for Shavuot now :(

    1. oh man that sucks. sorry to hear that. I never understand why new bosses feel the need to change things just for the sake of changing. But putting people who were promoted back to there previous positions? that bastard.
      Hopefully things will turn around soon and we will see you guys in shavuot :-) i'll keep my fingers crossed.